We start where other accountants finish...

Our Services:
• Accounts and Audit
Strategic Tax
Reorganisation and recovery
Finance director services
Strategic business planning
Payroll bureau
Corporate Finance
Business Growth
Company Sales
Wealth management
International Business Specialists

Let’s start with our endline. It sums up what we’re all about in six words. You see, we’ve made it our mission to start where other accountants finish.

We find that many local businesses are with accountants who are either too small to cover all the important areas of financial advice, or simply too big to care.

But we believe that working closer and more proactively with you will always lead to the creation of value. So that’s exactly what we do. We dig deep down into your business to unearth ideas and tax savings that may have previously been overlooked.

We don’t have a ‘black box’ approach.
Ours is white...

Lots of accountants have a ‘black box’ way of working. One where the client knows what goes in and what comes out, but has no idea how, why or what their accountants are doing during the process.

It’s not the way we like to work. We believe in being totally transparent with our clients. So you know exactly what we’re doing and why we’re doing it at every stage.

Have a good look around our website and watch our videos, if you like what you see and you’re interested in becoming a client, contact us now.

But don't just take our word for it...

With a client base of over 750 clients, and a track record spanning over 40 years, you have the peace of mind that you’re dealing with an honest, reputable and experienced team of people who will provide you with everything you need to enable you to grow your Company.

As you can see from the numerous clients who have taken the time to provide video testimonials, Allens is built on trust and quality of service and when top level clients make statements such as;

“it would take an Atom bomb to move me from Allens”
(Robert Jordan, Jordans Residential Lettings)

…we know we’re getting it right...