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Our Services, doing what we do best...

Our Services include:

Accounts and AuditTax SpecialistsXero AccountingStrategic Tax
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Accounts and Audits:

We prepare full statutory accounts for all types of business, from sole traders to partnerships and limited companies. This reduces the administrative burden, allowing you to concentrate on running your business, while giving you peace of mind that your accounts and returns are in order.

Our accounting and compliance services include:

  • Preparation of annual accounts

  • Preparation of management accounts

  • Bookkeeping

  • VAT records and associated returns

  • Preparation for HMRC tax investigations

  • PAYE and NI compliance

  • Self Assessment

Allens will perform your auditing and financial analysis with a minimum of intrusion and maximum efficiency and accuracy. As well as giving you peace of mind that your accounts are fully compliant, we use the process to identify strengths and weaknesses in your finances and suggest ways of improving them.

Our core auditing services include:

  • Statutory audits

  • Internal audits

  • Due diligence and associated pre-sale work

  • Sector benchmarking

  • Minimising fraud exposure

  • Sector specific audits

For further information on Accounts and Audit, contact us on 0161 477 2636.

Accouts and Audit

Tax Specialists:

With taxes seemingly ever on the increase, proper knowledge of the tax system and planning your tax is now more important than ever before. That is where we come in. We’ve used our knowledge and expertise to help our clients make considerable tax savings, and with four Chartered Tax Advisors onboard you know that you're in safe hands.

We are the only South Manchester members of the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) - leading experts in preserving the self employed status and tax benefits of contractors.

We also have international and offshore tax planning experts, specialising in the sale of business and emigration to Gibraltar and Switzerland.

“Every man is entitled to order his affairs so that the tax attaching... is less than it otherwise would be.’’

Lord Tomlin in Duke of Westminster v CIR

Corporate Finance and Recovery:

  • Fundraising for growth and working capital

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Due diligence

  • Exit planning

  • Valuations

  • Corporate recovery and restructure

For further information on Strategic Tax, contact us on 0161 477 2636.


new-Tax Specialists.png
Tax Specialists

Xero Accounting:

Allens working in the Cloud

Cloud accounting will revolutionise the way you control your finances, allowing you to manage your business  smarter and faster than ever before. The ability to access and manage your accounts anywhere anytime is now a reality, whilst all of your financial information is securely stored in the Cloud. We can work with you in real time, from any location, to support you in overseeing your business and finances.

Allens have joined in partnership with Xero, the market leader in cloud accounting software in order to bring this new technology to our existing and future clients.

Beautiful Accounting Software

With your online Xero login, your accounts are at your fingertips, enabling you to monitor your current financial position and performance. Xero can be accessed using any number of devices, including PC, Mac, tablet or mobile and as the software is constantly updated in the cloud, you will always have the latest version.

Automatic bank statements feed into Xero, saving you the time you need to focus on your business, whilst helping you keep your financial information constantly up to date.

The software is beautifully designed to be user friendly, so whether you are small business just starting out, or a medium sized business looking to streamline your accounts system, Xero is the perfect software.

To learn more about Xero visit:

Why Allens?

Our team at Allens has the experience and expertise to make your transition to Xero quick and effortless. Whether starting from scratch or transferring from existing software, we offer all the Xero training and support you could need as part of our service. Our team love Xero and look forward to working with you and your business in the cloud.

For further information on Xero Accounting, contact us on 0161 477 2636.

Xero Accounting


Allens Payroll helps you to navigate through the increasing red tape of paying your employees.

At Allens Payroll we take away the pain of meeting strict HMRC deadlines and the burden of keeping up to date with ever changing and complex legislation. The legislation for Auto Enrolment Pensions means all firms must offer their employees a pension and enrol them automatically if they meet the criteria, so having an expert payroll and pensions team has never been so important.

In partnership with our pension experts Allens Wealth Managers we can guide you through all aspects of the new pension rules, from choosing the right pension all the way through to assessing the employees that are eligible for auto enrolment and issuing the legally required communications. We are more of a compliance service, we do make sure the tax is calculated correctly and advise our clients when to pay it, however we can’t really get ‘creative’ like the accountants as there’s less scope.

We ensure that all our clients meet the legal obligations of running a payroll (including filing returns with HMRC and the upcoming AE regs). And communicate this in an easy to understand way to our clients, making sure they know what to pay and when.

For further information on Payroll, contact us now on 0161 477 2636.



We believe that the best accounts start with the best bookkeepers. Professional collection and management of financial information is essential to make the best financial plans and decisions for any business.

At Allens we specialise in cloud bookkeeping. With the introduction of MTD (Making Tax Digital), all annual accounts will have to be filed quarterly online to HMRC, in the same way as a VAT return is completed. Imagine how much easier life would become if all bookkeeping was done on cloud basis, and could be used to submit accounts every three months at the touch of a button….


Our bookkeeping team can assist you to get ahead of this process and start a cloud bookkeeping strategy now for your business.​


For further information please call +44 (0) 161 477 2636. You’re welcome to email us in your first language to


Allens have really helped us grow our business...

Muriel Thorne,

Oakwood Corporate Services

Case Studies

Case Studies:

Unearthing hidden value

We started acting for an international logistics company in 2008. Our deeper approach focused on several areas that hadn't previously been considered.

Within 2 years, savings of £200,000 had been identified, and our accountancy fees had paid for themselves several times over.


Negotiation and due diligence

A client was negotiating to buy a struggling care home. The vendor would not budge from asking price in excess of £100,000. Allens entered the negotiations and worked around the clock and through the weekend to perform due diligence and ensure the most favourable terms.

A deal was done, via an insolvency contact, at £40,000. We stayed with the project several weeks post completion to assist smooth running. The client turned round the business and made £250,000 net profit in year one as per our original projections.


Development and innovation

We started acting for a leading provider of vending control software. The company stays at the forefront of its industry by continual development and innovation. We immediately identified a lucrative research and development tax credit claim.

The claim seemed so obvious that we were puzzled as to why their previous accountants weren't already claiming. So we asked them. They told us it was because they were unaware that they did development - even though development was listed as one of the principal activities of the company in the directors' report.


Redundancy and tax

A client received a redundancy package from Corus, followed by a work offer by a German customer. His bank manager recommended making a lump sum pension contribution to avoid higher rate tax. But this advice was commission/ product driven as the client already had adequate pension arrangements.

We took a more holistic view and advised him to start contracting with his German customer via a trading company. This way, the client avoided the higher rate tax and retained ready access to his money. We then helped him invest his surplus monies according to his personal risk profile and financial objectives.

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